Definition of Category in Psychology

definition of category in psychology

Definition of Category in Psychology

Category in Psychology

The definition of category in psychology refers to a concept that functions to organize or point out aspects of equivalence among other concepts based on common features or similarity to a prototype. To put this into context, this is a highly sought after skill within any business or company.

Organizational psychology is vital to ensure that businesses run smoothly by organizing and highlighting concepts within a structure or plan. Many professionals from universities around the world similar to the University of Southern California are advocates or organisational psychology, as it is known that it allows one to develop themselves into a career. When considering any career, you need to ensure that the role you are pursuing meets your skillset.

Organizational Psychology can be developed over time with great effort and work, so it is important that when you delve into your new role, you apply your skills to help you achieve and embody the definition of category within psychology. You’ll likely find that any managers you have worked beneath or for before have developed their organizational psychology, so it may be worth asking them for advice or tips on how you too can achieve the development of this skill. 


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