Oakland Raiders 2014 Season

Oakland Raiders 2014 SeasonA Lack of Consistency and Momentum Plagued Oakland’s 2014 Season

The Oakland Raiders 2014 Season concluded in another failure. The Raiders disappointing season finally came to a close tonight with another tragic loss to the Denver Broncos. Since general manager Reggie McKenzie took the helm, Oakland has only won 11 games in three seasons. Prior to McKenzie taking over, Oakland won 16 games in the prior two season. Interim head coach Tony Sparano finessed 3-9 this season with zero road game wins. The Raiders will have the No. 4 pick in the draft.

Oakland Raiders 2014 Season

Momentum and consistency were key components the Raiders lacked this season. For the third time after an Oakland win, the Raiders fell to defeat in their following week game and could not keep the spark alive. Oakland needs to focus on finding significant leadership in order to obtain success next season.
It’s going to be another offseason and another coaching search for the Raiders. Raiders owner Mark Davis has indicated he will begin looking for a new head coach immediately, and that all members of the Raiders organization will be evaluated.    


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