What the Hell is Happening in Oakland

What the Hell is Happening in OaklandWhat the Hell is Happening in Oakland

I haven’t written much about the Oakland Raiders lately and quite frankly it has been due to the lack of leadership and effort that has been displayed by not only the players, but the coaching staff as well (13 seasons worth). I was a firm believer that the necessary firing of the lop, Dennis Allen was going to provide at least some positive feedback. However, this proved to be feeble and wishful thinking on my end.
I’m not even going to fully recap and provide my commentary on the Raiders most recent performance against Cleveland, because all it would do is rub more salt on my wounds of how disgusted I am with this season’s performance. I  will though comment that I at least thought we were going to see our first win of the season, due to the Browns entering the game with the NFL’s worst-ranked rush defense and the small offensive turnaround that the Raiders started to display in week 6.
Our next game is in Seattle and though the Seahawks aren’t playing nearly as well as last season, they still are a difficult match, especially in their home turf.
Get back to the basics of Raider football and don’t ever incorporate Matt Schaub into play schemes again and we might see at least one win this year.

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